1. Reinterpret the Problem

"A problem well-defined is a problem half solved." - John Dewey

Understanding, Interpreting, and Clarifying the Problem

Understanding the problem as a Black Box - Input/Output

1. Problem Statement

  1. Goal
  2. Constrains
  3. Success Criteria

2. Strategies

  1. Reading three times, explaining to myself (aloud)

3. Creating own Problem Mental Representations

4. Barriers

5. Writing a Contract to the Solution

  1. One-line purpose statement
  2. Name
  3. Input - Meaning, Name, and Type
  4. Output - Meaning, Name, and Type

For example, in the docstring of a function.

6. Best Practice: Test Driven Development (TDD) - Write Tests in this Phase

Checkout Question:

Given a suggested solution, do I know to check whether it solves the problem fully?

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