Programming Problem Solving Handbook

The current version is an early working draft.
  1. Programming Problem = A problem that is solved by writing/modifying a program and executing it

  2. Scaffolding for novices

    1. Solving programming problems
    2. Audience - Novices, such as:
      1. Computer Science major
      2. End-user programmers (like a computational scientist or journalist)
      3. Coding bootcamp students
    3. Most common mistakes
      1. Programming by debugging / Programming by coincidence / Garage programming
      2. Copy-paste programming
    4. Possible to perform Freestyle Programming with Timeout before applying the model
  3. Prerequisite - Tactic Knowledge

    1. Computer competencies
    2. Proficiency in the programming language
    3. Notional Machines
    4. Code Phonology - How does code sound?
  4. The model is an adaption for programming of the four principles of problem solving from Pólya's Book How to Solve It:

    1. First, you have to understand the problem.
    2. After understanding, make a plan.
    3. Carry out the plan.
    4. Look back on your work. How could it be better?

Programming Problem Solving Cheat Sheet

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